The GOYA Method of Weight Loss

Published: 18th August 2008
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I started this blog to relay the truth to mothers who want to lose weight. What works and what doesn't. I'm not selling anything, and I welcome your comments and advice. I would like to share my story with you and then I will get into the all the secrets that I believe create successful weight loss.

I grew up in the weight loss industry. My father has been helping people lose weight with hypnosis for as long as I can remember. I guess you could say it has been a family business since my big brother Dr. Patrick K. Porter is the founder and creator of the most successful hypnosis and self help franchise in the world.

When I graduated high school I got my first job in the family business and was sure that was what I wanted to do with my life. Can you think of anything better? Helping people get healthy! It is such a great feeling.

I worked with my brother for a few months and for some reason I started to hear a different call all together-the military. At first I thought about joining the Air Force, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted the designation of being a United States Marine. So, on April 23, 1993 I hopped on a plane to Parris Island, South Carolina. I spent the next 3 and 1/2 years serving my country, and I don't regret a minute of it.

When I left the Marine Corps I was a single mom who really needed a steady income. So when my brother made an offer for me to move all the way across the country to Virginia I jumped at the chance.

I started off as a receptionist with dreams of one day becoming a hypnotist myself. All that changed when on short notice our salesperson informed Patrick that she needed the day off and he asked me to fill in. I was happy to help and I did my first evaluation. An evaluation is where we determined if someone was a good candidate for hypnosis and then we recommended the appropriate program for them. I loved it. I loved the feeling of motivating someone to make a change in their life.

From that day on I was a full time evaluator. Gone where the thoughts of training to be a hypnotist. I was able to get people the help they needed and I was good at it.

Keep in mind this whole time I was thin. Still a size 6 and feeling like I would never have to worry about my weight because I was in the right place and of course I knew everything. HA!

Little did I know that one of my greatest joys, meeting my husband, would begin a spiral of weight gain. I remember my client's complaints, at the time I called them excuses, about how they had to cook for their family and it was too hard to stick to a diet. "But that is what is great about hypnosis!" I would tell them, "It's not a diet, you just don't want to eat those foods anymore!" I would watch client after client lose weight, gain self-esteem, and basically get their life back.

When my husband and I had our daughter, my second child, I gained more weight with that pregnancy than I did with my first one. I thought that it was okay because I was getting older and I was in the right place to lose it.

As the years went by I still helped client after client reach their goal. I even a hypnotist. But I couldn't get past a size 10.

Have you ever been so close to a problem that even though the answer was right there you didn't think that it was the answer for you? I thought I didn't need hypnosis because I was a hypnotist and I already knew everything.

I had decided that I was really going to get focused on weight loss and each time I tried I failed. I started to see the reality in my life that all my clients had been talking about all those years. Funny how those same challenges they were talking about that I called "excuses" weren't "excuses" when they were coming out of my mouth. They were genuine reasons why I was gaining weight.

The next thing I knew my daughter was three and I had made the leap into a size 12. I couldn't even blame my weight gain on pregnancy anymore, my daughter was walking and talking and I was getting bigger.

My husband and I had been talking about wanting another child. I used this excuse to stop trying all together. I kept thinking to myself, "Why go through all the trouble to lose it, and then gain it all back again when I have another baby?" Eventually I got pregnant for the third, and last, time.

This year our youngest son will be 3 and I was again back in the same boat, but this time I was a stay at home mom. And the food was way too easy to get ahold of. I kept gaining until I was pushing a size 16!! When I saw the scale I wanted to faint! I weighed the same amount that my husband did when we met!

So many questions started running through my mind: How could I have let myself go so badly? Why am I not using what I know works?

I sat myself down and treated myself like a client and the first I wrote down on my paper was G.O.Y.A. This was something I learned from my father. When I would be sitting with a client who might be struggling and giving me all her "excuses" I would write down these letters. Underneath of that I would fill in the meanings for each letter. So I sat there looking at "Get Off Your Ass!"

That that is exactly what I did. I remembered the 10 steps I would use with clients when they started asking me if there was some wonder supplement out there that would help them lose weight.

I started (and still am) listening to hypnosis processes, even making some myself, since I am a hypnotist. If you want to buy any, of course I suggest my brothers. You can get them at

After the first 30 minutes I started to notice all the things my clients had noticed. The best one was control - I had control! Not struggling until I was sweating type if control, but steady, "I don't really care if I ever have that piece of chocolate or that Little Debbie cake again" kind of control. IT WAS AWESOME! That convinced me that I was on the right path.

I feel that I have conquered the first 4 steps in creating permanent weight loss because that is what I'm going for! So if you are of like mind below are the first four steps:

1. I've stopped bingeing. I am able to leave food on my plate (and my kids plates too).

2. Cravings - Totally gone!

3. No more emotional eating. My mind is full with the thought of success, so I am bored. And because I'm using hypnosis I am not stressed!

4. Snacking is a thing of the past.

The next 6 steps require a little more than just sitting back, closing your eyes and waiting for the changes to come. In the upcoming posting I will be going over them just I used to with my clients.

The important thing to remember is that you do not, I repeat, do not move on to the next step until you have conquered the current one.

I've made the above changes since January 1, 2006 and I have lost over 3 inches in my waist, my clothes are noticeably loser, but I have not weighed myself. If you want to know why, I will explain that in a later posting.

The most important thing you can take away from article is if you are ready to lose the weight. By that I don't mean "try", because trying implies failure. When you try to do something you are not committing yourself to success. If you are ready, I will be giving the tips that clients used to pay a lot of money to hear, but you will get them for free. So, use them!! We can do it, you can do it. If you found this blog then you are possibly struggling and frustrated that nothing is working. I truly believe that I can help you - while I'm helping myself!

I welcome your comments, and of course advice!!

Remember - Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

I'm a mother of three, and I finally found the secret to losing weight! And I feel great. I grew up in the weight loss industry and I was even a United States Marine. With all that knowledge I still let myself go, but now I'm finally doing all the things that I used to advise others to do and "Oh, my God!" It actually works.

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